Accounting and Bookkeeping Service

Accounting and Bookkeeping Service

Accounting and bookkeeping have come along way on the internet. It’s more than just “keeping the books”. If you’re a do it yourselfer, hate data entry and collect your paperwork in a box or bags throughout the year, we know exactly what to do with everything!

Our accounting services including bookkeeping, payroll and payroll tax filings, cashflow, job costing, forecasting, and financial statement preparation. We use QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks online as are primary financial software. If you are using another program, we are happy to explore it to see if we are a good match or look at a conversion to QuickBooks.

By partnering with us, we typically save up to 50% of the cost of hiring staff. Outsourcing saves time and money for our clients so you can focus on growing your business! You do what you do best, we take care of the rest.

  • New Business Setup:
    Don’t want to waste time trying to figure out how to get started, what accounting method you use, what your chart of accounts should look like and how to enter data. We got everything from installation and accounting setup, to getting your data caught up and reconciled.
  • Routine Bookkeeping:
    Free up your time to focus on the important stuff like running your business. We take the stress off of you and we take care of the rest!! Client accounts are serviced on your schedule daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Catch Up Bookkeeping:
    Are you still trying to catch up 2014, 2015, 2016, 2020, 2021 to do your tax returns or receive audit letters in the mail to get your books together? We can help catch up your bookkeeping and/or create your files from scratch and get you caught up
  • Monthly/Quarterly Checkups:
    If you’re a do it yourselfer or have your office admin entering your bookkeeping transactions, we can offer a piece of mind. We will review your staff/your work and provide a list of things that need correction. We are happy to provide training on any issues we discover and/or assist with the corrections. Need a little or Need a lot. We got you covered.
  • Bank Reconciliation:
    We reconcile each bank, credit cards, and loan statements to include Square, Paypal, Honeybook, Merchant Accounts, etc. It is critical to reconcile regularly to ensure you aren’t missing expenses and income that should be on your return.
  • Bill and Check Processing: Hate paying bills? We have a system for that! We will enter your vendor bills, expenses and cash payments so you will have an accurate accounting of expenses and how much is owed to your vendors. We can also process your bills and prepare checks/electronic vendor epayments and issue 1099s to your subcontractors at year end.
  • Payroll Processing: Time clock, or calculations, payroll processing, payroll taxes and garnishment support, direct deposit, checks or reports for your to write your own checks. We prepare the Quarterly and annual payroll reports

Vendor Receipts and Files:
Don’t waste time taking pictures of your receipts and emailing. Just stuff them in them in your car door or an envelope and drop or mail them to our office. We will scan, rename, and upload them to your preferred file sharing service. Select your Filing Sharing Service. We use Sharefile but Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, QBO Shoebox, or any other you specify. By default the receipts are labeled with your client initials, vendor name, date, invoice # (if applicable), and amount.