Success Story #2

The Business
A financial services provider was relying on a family member for bookkeeping help and using QuickBooks Online. The Bank Transaction Download window was causing grief with expense coding of transaction and bank transfers which caused many incorrect postings to bank accounts and created a bank reconciliation nightmare. Unfortunately, the bank accounts were often overstated or understated due to erroneous transactions and they couldn’t figure out how to correct the accounts. Management requested training on QuickBooks Online Bank Transaction Download with a focus on expense coding and bank reconciliation.

The Solution
Denali Bookkeeping & Consulting conducted a one on one training with the client and family member to review the basics of QuickBooks Online. We provided basic training on bookkeeping expenses and coding using the client’s actual data. Our office provided simple QuickBooks procedures and walked the client through several months of bank reconciliation process.

The Results
We were able to help the client reconcile the books for the first time since moving to QuickBooks Online. In addition, we provided step by step basic directions and work flow procedures that will simply the bookkeeper’s ability to reconcile the bank accounts in an accurate and timely manner. The client was able to have the correct bank balances and begin relying upon their business books to make business decisions rather than manual calculations.

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