Success Story #3

The Business
A parts and materials company employed family members for many years to run the accounting using QuickBooks Desktop and several 3rd party software and equipment that did not integrate (i.e point of sale system, timeclock, etc.) While the owners were successful in running the family business, they were unable to rely upon the financial reports to help make business decisions. Management requested bookkeeping service and
streamlining their accounting operations with a focus on cleaning up the financial reporting.

The Solution
Denali Bookkeeping & Consulting conducted on site visits to understand the client business, how the data flowed during the month, and how the client used the information. We cleaned up the chart of accounts for a wholesale and retail environment, reconciled the balance sheet items to the tax returns, setup a credit card clearing account and zero sum sales receipt to simply monthly sales posting, implemented excel formula to code spreadsheet data from the home office for for simple deposit posting, taught the client to import bank activity for up to date cash management, and offered additional business consulting as needed.

The Results
The client is now able to rely upon the financial reports to make better business decisions. They have an up to date cash management balance to make purchasing decisions. Due to the streamlined financial operations, the time from year end to tax/cpa has been reduced by four months. Onsite work is now about 6 hours per month. In addition, we are available
to support the owners through out the month as needed.

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