Success Story #4

The Business

In 2019, a home repair company reached out to me that had been using the same QuickBooks Pro Desktop file since 2000. While they have plenty of room for more transactions, QuickBooks maxes the list names to 14,500 combined names Vendor, Customer, Other Names, etc. In 2019, they maxed out their QuickBooks Names List with 14,500 names and could not enter any more transactions.

The Temporary Solution

I recommended we do some cleanup on the QuickBooks file and condense the file, keep the last 5 years for budgeting and comparative purposes and keep an archive of the historical data. Unfortunately, we ran into another glitch on a credit card issue and were unable to condense the file at that time. I made a recommendation to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprises because it is scale able on the number of names that can be added. It did not fit the client’s budget at the time. As a cost effective and temporary fix, we were able to locate many unused quotes assigned to customer names and merge those to help them continue daily operations. This was only a temporary fix and the client could continue to merge names as needed.

The Results

The client reach back out to me in June 2020 with the same issue maxing out the file again. Knowing the limitations and errors from prior service, we were able to use Transaction Importer Pro tool and create a brand new file for the client. This process took about 6 hours to transfer the data and verify it. We were able to import the last year of data successfully to include names list, chart of accounts, transaction data, invoices, payments, deposits, etc. The payroll was manually recreated. Using this tool, I was able to strip out 14,000 names and create a brand new, fresh file for the client so they could continue working successfully for many years to come. This was a savings to the client of at least $1900.